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Ultimate Spiderman #88/Ultimate Vision #1 in stores

Sorry for late news, but last week Ultimate Spiderman #88 with the flip-cover by Joe Madureira for Ultimate Vision #1 is in stores. I will try to scan the cover plus the small ad for tomorrow. Other than that I got the new Wizard magazine that has an article about the Ultimate Series' with a couple questions answered by Jeph Loeb about Ultimates Vol. 3.

Now that Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira are taking over Ultimates in 2006, how much will the book differ from what we've seen from the current team of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch?

"Usually when a new team takes over a book, it's because something is broken," explains the newly Marvel exclusive Loeb. "Mark and Bryan are leaving at the top of their game on what is arguably-though not with me-Marvel's best book. There ain't nothing broken. However, like when they change James Bonds or any sequel that isn't with the same exact cast or director, there's going to be some changes. I'm not Mark, and Jo…