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Darksiders II: Death Strikes: Part 2

Check out the newest CG video for Darksiders II... Death Strikes: Part 2! Joe Madureira and the team at Vigil games are doing a great job promoting this game. I can't wait to play it this August.

Joe Madureira Talks Death, War, And Comics with MTV Geek

Over at MTV's Geek Blog they interviewed Joe Madureira about the Darksiders franchise and the video game industry. Read it here! If you've spent any time reading comics in the past few decades then the name "Joe Madureira" should sound at least remotely familiar to you. The man behind reviving the X-Men has been one of the driving creative forces for one of THQ's most anticipated sequels, Darksiders II. Having dabbled in both the comics and video game industries, Joe Mad has a unique perspective on both, as well as the creative process that drives each of them. We recently had a chance to get his thoughts on comics and games, as well as a look behind the curtain of Darksiders II.MTV Multiplayer: What are some of the most recognizable similarities between the video game and comic book industries?
Joe Madureira: I don’t think there are that many similarities, but I do think there’s a lot of crossover between comics, films, and games. If you’ve been to Comic-Con i…

Dark Horse Works With THQ on Exclusive Darksiders II Prequel Comic

As announced through Best Buy, fans eagerly awaiting Darksiders® II can get an exclusive Darksiders prequel comic from Dark Horse Comics when they preorder the Best Buy exclusive Darksiders II: Angel of Death edition for Xbox 360 ® or PlayStation® 3!

With a stunning cover from game creator Joe Madureira, this Best Buy exclusive print issue takes place before the events of Darksiders II, as Death travels to Earth to hunt down and confront a rogue demon!

Written by Andrew Kreisberg (Batman Confidential, Green Arrow and Black Canary, FOX’s Fringe) and drawn by Roger Robinson (Batman: Arkham City, Azrael), Darksiders II: Death’s Door reveals essential secrets from the world of the upcoming game!

Darksiders II Behind the Mask: Death's Story

Check out the latest Video in the Darksiders II Behind the Mask Series!

G4TV: Bringing Death to Life: Joe Madureira Talks About Darksiders 2

Over at G4TV's The Feed they recently interviewed Joe Madureira about all things Darksiders 2. Give it a read!