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Airship Syndicate Announces Partnership with Digital Extremes For New AAA Game

Big news out of Airship Syndicate ! A video was released today during Tenno Con 2022 that announced Airship will be partnering up with WARFRAME developer Digital Extremes for their expertise in creating online words. Some further details were announced on Airship's new AAA game project; it's an online, character based, third-person action game set in a new and original world. They've also said it will be a free to play (F2P) game with hopes of creating a thriving community and world for people to play in for years to come. As such the title will be online and always evolving. When asked about the game engine, they are currently developing the game in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), with plans to migrate it to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) before the full game releases. Watch the video of Joe Madureira (CEO of Airship Syndicate), Steve Madureira (Lead Designer), Ryan Stefanelli (President and Game Director), Billy Garretsen (Lead UX Designer) and others talk about the new partnership with D
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Joe Madureira’s WARFRAME Character Design Reveal

At Tenno Con 2022, developer Digital Extremes announced a character design for their free to play game WARFRAME by Joe Madureira! Here’s what they had to say… “ You’ve been howling for this for a while now, Tenno! Sink your teeth into this jaw-dropping wolf-inspired Warframe concept art from celebrated comic artist and game designer Joe Madureira.”

My Hero Academia Variant Cover By Joe Madureira

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a variant cover by Joe Madureira, and this one is a first of its kind…. a manga variant cover for My Hero Academia!  The cover features Bakugo and the art was coloured by Marte Gracia (Who has collaborated with Joe in the past on his Inhumans run).  The book is being published by Ki-oon Éditions and is releasing October 6, 2022. 

Ludo Lullabi Shares An Update on Battle Chasers 10-12

Over on twitter Ludo Lullabi has posted an update on the upcoming Battle Chasers comics, and even included the cover to issue 11! Check out the images below. "The work on the video games occupies a big part of my and Joe Madureira's time with a crazy schedule but the pages of BC are still progressing. There are only a few pages left to finish issue 12. Thanks for your patience. Here is the cover for issue 11."   The work on the video games occupies a big part of my and @JoeMadx time with crazy schedule but the pages of BC are still progressing. There are only a few pages left to finish issue 12. Thanks for your patience. Here is the cover for issue 11. #battlechasers #imagecomics — ludolullabi (@ludolullabi) June 23, 2022

New Battle Chasers Artwork From Ludo Lullabi

Ludo Lullabi has been posting Battle Chaser's artwork over the last few months and I'm just consolidating it here for your viewing pleasure! There's a few sketchbook sketches of Red Monika, Knolan, Gully, Garrison, as well as a piece featuring Monika and Calibretto to celebrate Ludo's 16 thousand followers on instagram. Enjoy!  

Joe Madureira Shares New Red Monika Sketch For IHazToys Signature Edition Figure

Joe Madureira revealed via twitter that he drew a new sketch of Red Monika for the signature edition figure of IHazToys Red Monika figure. The figure itself is based off of her Battle Chasers: Nightwar design, is 11.5 inches tall, and fully handpainted. Check out the figure below as well as the new sketch! Not sure I ever shared this Monika print I did for @IHazToys Signature edition Red Monika figure. If I have, oops sharing again! 💕 #redmonika #battlechasers #comics #toys #Collectibles — Joe Madureira (@JoeMadx) March 12, 2022

Battle Chasers 10-12 Comics Update From Ludo Lullabi

Battle Chasers Comic Update! Ludo has updated fans on the upcoming Battle Chasers comics, and has a few new images to share on the project. Here's what he said: BC NEWS : Issue 11 of Battle Chasers is finished (with two more pages than expected). Joe Madureira and I are still having a great time on the project and we're moving on to Issue 12. We'll give info on release dates as soon as possible. We want to move forward and make sure these episodes can be released without too much of a delay. 😊

Battle Chasers Issue 11 Comic Update From Ludo Lullabi

The artist of Joe Madureira's upcoming Battle Chasers comics, Ludo Lullabi, shared some updates on the project. Some news about Battle Chasers. As you know "Ruined King" was released at the end of the year. There has been a lot of extra work on the game that has impacted the overall schedule and this has delayed a lot of things. However, Joe Madureira and I are continuing to work on BC and pushing forward as much as we can. We are currently on the last pages of issue #11. Thank you SO MUCH for your patience, I understand the frustration of some people, I hope I can deliver pages that meet your expectations! Ludo also shared some new Garrison artwork.