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Joe Madureira Draws Character From His Early Marvel Career; Cerise from Excalibur

I guess Joe Madureira has been feeling nostalgic as of late since his latest post to social media is a sketch of a character from one of his first gigs at Marvel Comics. Joe was hired right out of high school for his comic art talents and illustrated Excalibur issues 57 and 58.

Here is the tweet from Joe as well as the sketch and a screenshot of his old art. You can see how much he has refined his artwork; even in his tweet he says "Can't believe they hired me."

I was in High School last time I drew this gal...😬.— Joe Madureira (@JoeMadx) January 26, 2020
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New Battle Chasers Artwork From Creator Joe Madureira Featuring Gully Grown up!

Give it up to Joe Madureira to set the internet a blaze with a new piece of artwork. This time around he's teased fans of his Battle Chasers comic series with a new piece of art featuring one of the protagonists, Gully, all grown up as a mature teen(?). It's a great sketch and the reaction has been positive with fans asking if the art is a tease for new comics or for a sequel to the Battle Chasers: Nightwar game. With Airship Syndicate's resent release of 'Darksiders: Genesis' on PC (console versions are due out in February) and 'Ruined King: A League of Legends Story,' there's still ONE unannounced game that's in development. Fingers crossed that it's a sequel to Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

Gully, all grown up! 💕— Joe Madureira (@JoeMadx) January 18, 2020

Here are some more sketches Joe Mad! has posted the last few months. Most are kickerstarter backer rewards for fans tha…

Gunfire Games Shares Joe Madureira Storyboard Art From Darksiders II

The crew over at Gunfire Games felt generous and posted storyboard art from Darksiders II drawn by Joe Madureira on social media. Joe was one of the founders of Vigil Games who developed Darksiders I & II, and was the creative lead for the games. After Darksiders II was released Vigil Games was shut down due to THQ going bankrupt. Gunfire Games eventually took the reins on continuing the Darksiders series. Enjoy the artwork, featuring 'Death', the protagonist of Darksiders II.

Airship Syndicate Announce New Game; Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Some new game announcements were revealed at the 2019 Game Awards tonight, one of which was by our friends at Airship Syndicate! Hot off the release Darksiders: Genesis for PC, Airship is also working on the first League of Legends spin-off game titled 'Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.' Joe Madureira, creative director of Airship Syndicate, made the announcement live at the event. Watch the reveal below!

Darksiders: Genesis Art Book Revealed

Udon Entertainment has revealed they're releasing an art book for Darksiders: Genesis that will be out on June 30, 2020. Udon also did the art books for all the previous Darksiders games and they include several pieces by Joe Madureira in them. Since Darksiders: Genesis was developed by Airship Syndicate (Where Joe Mad is the Creative Director) I assume there should be plenty of Joe Mad goodness inside. You can pre-order the book off of amazon here, The Art of Darksiders Genesis.

Here's the description from Udon,

DETAILS: 240 pg, 8.25 x 11.25″, Full Color, Hardcover
MSRP: $49.99 USD
RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2020
ISBN: 978-1772941302

Darksiders Genesis heralds the return of series creator Joe Madureira (Battle Chasers, Uncanny X-men) alongside his development studio, Airship Syndicate. THE ART OF DARKSIDERS GENESIS will feature Madureira’s signature art style, synonymous with the Darksiders series. Featuring detailed character designs, rough concepts, envi…

Joe Madureira Batman Black and White Statue Released

The day has come! The Joe Madureira Batman Black and White statue revealed at New York Toy Fair back in April has finally been released. The seven inch statue is based off of Joe's 'Justice League Rebirth #1' (2016) cover and is limited to 5000 units. The piece was sculpted by Paul Harding and painted by Michael Cowart.

I received mine in the mail and it's a lovely statue. You can purchase one of your own off of amazon, DC Collectibles Batman Black & White: Batman by Joe Madureira Statue

Here's the original comic cover that inspired the Batman Black and White statue.

Battle Chasers Anthology Available Now

Image comics has released a new trade paperback collection of the whole Battle Chasers series thus far (which hasn't been re-released since April 2011). There's a new cover featuring Garrison, and the collection includes issues #0-9 as well as some extras. Unfortunately it was originally solicited as 344 pages which "...includes never-before-seen sketches and new artwork, including a fold-out poster!" but was slimmed down to 312 pages.

You can buy the trade paperback at your local comic shop, or online at Battle Chasers Anthology (2019)!

Hopefully this new release is a hint that Battle Chaser's issues 10, 11, 12 will be in development soon!