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NYCC Battle Chasers Sketches

Joe Madureira has finished his two new Battle Chasers sketches for the New York Comic Con. They'll be 11x17 prints available in Artists Alley table L2. Signing times are 10:30am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-4:30pm Friday-Sunday during the New York Comic Con. Joe also answered a few questions about the prints.
1) Yes, Monika's boobs have gotten a little smaller (!)
2) Poor Garrison was going to be featured in his own print, but I didn't have time, and he ruined the composition of the team shot. So--I promise I'll do one of him for the next show. I didn't forget him!
3) I will look into some sort of online store where you can buy stuff without going to a convention.
4) These two particular prints are grayscale and resemble penciled line art on an 11x17 bristol board. Ie. It looks like pencils. I will have 3 other full color prints available that some of you may have seen at SDCC.
5) Yes, I do hope to get back to Battle Chasers someday. I do still love these characters, which I hope is evident in these drawings. And honestly, I don't know that I'd ever consider reviving a book that was 12 years old if it wasn't for all the insane protesting that you guys do. So--thanks.

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Lcfr said…
Thank you for the constant news.

Anonymous said…
On the one hand, I don't like to be teased. On the other hand, it's good to see some BC art. He doesn't really sound like he's all that enthusiastic about reviving it (it has been 12 years after all, as he pointed out). Seems like if someone is wants to do something it wouldn't take that long (or longer) to get around to it. Ah well, thanks for posting the pics!
Ilyoung Bang said…
Gotta love the new BC artwork!

By the way, I put together this Monika 1080p wallpaper the other day from the sketches that were uploaded on your blog. Maybe other fans will enjoy it as well!

Thank you for all of the Joe Mad updates and uploads!
crowe said…
Thanks llyoung bang. That is now my desktop :D
Ilyoung Bang said…
You're very welcome crowe!

By the way, I looked up some of your artwork and it's really cool stuff man. You've got a very fun, colorful style and I enjoyed seeing your take on all of those iconic characters. Best of luck on your artistic journey, and where can I check out your Zeus comic?
Stacy Raven said…
These are so beautiful! I'm so in awe of your Red Monika character and the way you draw her is breathtaking.

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