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New Savage Wolverine Pages

Savage Wolverine #6 comes out next week and will begin the three issue arc featuring art by Joe Madureira and written by Zeb Wells. Here's the official cover as well as two new pages showcasing Captain America and other Avengers!

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Tom said…
Is it really only going to be two issues? I think I remember Joe himself tweeting that it is going to be three issues...Ah well, whatever it is, I can't wait for Wednesday!
Mike said…
I thought it would be three issues as well, but I read that it may only be two issues.
LEX! said…
That's a killer Wolverine. The character seems to lack so much of 'Wolverine' in the past decade. It's great to see these guys portray him accurately. Looks great.
Tom said…
Checked Joe's Twitter...he said it will be "three issues, full interiors" hopefully that's the case. The more Joe art, the better! Wednesday coming on strong!
Mike said…
I think you're right Tom. Marvel has issue #8 listed as being drawn by Joe so it has to be three! Thank goodness
Callaghan said…
Now that I read the entire issue I can say that it lacks something.
The drawings are cool, but the colors and the story per se aren't that good.
Maybe I'm a little disapponted because the colors in avengig spiderme were and are really top notch...
LEX! said…
I think this worked better than Avenging Spider-man. I really don't read Spider-man books, but I loved Mad's Wolverine here and I loved the way he was written.

...and Ninjas! Joe Mad confirmed something I had suspected about this new digital inking style he was going for, which was, that it was made to have a charcoal-like feel. I think this issue looked a lot better than his Avenging stuff.
Tom said…
Read through the book twice now, really enjoyed it. I think this is the perfect story for Joe to be doing at Marvel. If I have a minor complaint, it's that the art gets a bit muddy in places with the coloring technique and some of the subtlety of the pencils seems to be lost. Otherwise, it's a homerun and I can't wait for the next issue.

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