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Battle Chasers Anthology Out Now!

It's true, the long awaited collection of Joe Madureira's Battle Chasers is out today! The Battle Chasers Anthology includes issues #0-9, tons of development sketches, pull-out poster and unpublished pages from issue #10.

Let me know what you think of it!

Joe Madureira updates fans via Facebook.
It's true. The Battle Chasers Anthology hardcover IS OUT! Thanks for all the love and support. I've been super busy and neglecting my FB duties, but I will be back soon with a big update. PROMISE! Enjoy the book!!

Will this big update be about a new Marvel Comics project? Only time will tell!
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Tom said…
I ordered mine on Amazon, have to wait a little bit, so pumped to see it!!

Excited to hear what people think. So, is there a significant amount of material we have not seen before???
Mike said…
I ordered mine on Amazon as well, I'll be waiting a bit before I get it too. I read on a forum it's a nice book
joemadfan069 said…
hey!!!!!I've receive BC anthology today!!!This book is awesome!!!!!
Inedites pages of books are so cool!! The poster is magnificent and skecth is out simply incredible!!!
I recommend it meme if one do not know joe mad and his work!!!! If we love heroic phantasy this is made for us!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's a great book but I hate this kind of stuff, why didn't Joe Mad just end the story propperly, it's a lot of time since he said he'll continue with BC instead of publishing recopillations.

I know he's on the videogame industry now but if he's not interested or don't have the time to continue with this awesome book at least he'll just draw the necessary issues to complete the story and not leave it on a 10 years cliffhanger.

Im a huge fan of Joe's art, but it's sad that he and J. Scott Campbell haven't finished their proyects, I hope they learn about Humberto Ramos's dedication about his work and most important, with their fans.
Anonymous said…
I'll be excited when a story arc finishes.

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