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Joe Quesada talks about Mad! on Ultimates 3

The weekly Joe Friday's Question and Answer over at Newsarama had a question about Joe's progress on the upcoming Ultimates 3 run.

NEWSARAMA: Like his former Cliffhanger mate - Joe Madureira– - before him, Jeff Campbell obviously brings also questions regarding his “pace”. First of all, how are things going with Madureira? Here is your opportunity to align expectations with how many Loeb/Mad issues of Ultimates 3 readers are likely to see, and how often when the book launches later this summer (is that right?)

Joe Quesada: Actually, what just occurred to me is that we now have all three Cliffhanger boys working at Marvel, Ramos, Madureira, and Campbell.

Joe is doing well on his schedule so far, all fingers are crossed, but itÂ’s still a little early to make predictions as to scheduling and absolute ship dates. What I can tell you is that the work is just unbelievable! Mad has grown so far beyond the great artist he was already. And while the style of work is 180 degrees from w…

Ultimates 3 info from Wizard World LA

Sorry for my tardiness, but here's a little info that was said during an Ultimate Universe Panel at Wizard World LA.
Loeb said he has plans for both Ultimate War Machine and Ultimate Black Panther in Ultimates 3. He also said that Ultimate Defenders will be dealt with "right out of the gate."

Events in Ultimates 2 #12 will determine the line-up for Ultimates 3, Loeb said. "The real twist is from (writer) Mark Millar," Loeb said. "Where Mark ends is so far from where Mark began," he said.

Loeb said Ultimates 3 artist Joe Madureira is "on fire."

"There's a certain weight to what he is doing that you haven't seen before," Loeb said. "This is really the next phase for him."source:Comics Continuum

This is great news and hype for Joe's upcoming run, I can't wait to see some of his more finished art work other than the sketches we have in Wizard.

THQ acquires Vigil Games

Today it was announced that THQ has acquired Joe Madureira's game company Vigil Games! Here's an excerpt from
THQ Inc. today announced the acquisition of Vigil Games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team at Vigil will be led by David Adams, previously creator/director of several projects for NCSoft and famed comic artist Joe Madureira, best known for his work on Marvel Comic's Uncanny X-Men and his creator-owned comic series Battle Chasers. Vigil is currently working on new content for next-gen scheduled for release in 2008.

"The team at Vigil is comprised of some of the most talented designers, artists and technologists in the industry," said Jack Sorensen, executive vice president of worldwide studios, THQ. "This acquisition is part of our Studio System strategy, which is designed to foster a singular vision and unique culture at each of our studios. Our system allows us to leverage resources across our entire development organization to the benefit …