Sunday, August 21, 2005

More House of M #1 variants coming to retailers

Over at they posted this info.

This past weekend at WizardWorld: Chicago, in announcing artist Joe Madureira'’s new exclusive contract, Marvel released an image featuring “Joe Mad's” version of Wolverine, the Hulk, and Spider-Man. Not just a promotional image, it was actually a cover to a new surprise “Convention Special of House of M #1, one free copy of which was sent to every Diamond account (i.e. retailer) with this week's new books, and undoubtedly now fetching a premium aftermarket price.

This week the publisher has announced this House of M #1 Convention Special will be made available for order on a limited basis (20 per Diamond account). This second wave of this special will be in stores on August 31st.

This is great news for people that missed out on the single issue retailers got last week and bad news for people paying $20 - $50 for their copies. Good thing I only got mine for $10!

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Joel Segarra said...

You know people are always trying to make money especially with rare and variants but I got lucky and didnt press it. I waited till I found a good deal and actually got the House of M variant cover for 3.95