Monday, July 04, 2005

Darkstalkers Update

Over at the forums Erik Ko from Udon made an annoucement about what is happening with Udon in the near future.

About a Darkstalkers #7
"we are working on it now. Cant make any promises yet, as we are still working out different artists schedules. But plans are to "Season 2" starting early 2006."

About Street Fighter II and Udon Publishing
This will be in the October Previews Catalog that ships last Wed of July...For the Alpha fans, do not worry. We named it SFII becoz of a few reasons -

We took a longer than expected break due to a lot of factors. Mainly is that UDON will be going solo publishing ourselves. Devils Due is a great publisher, but we feel that it is about time that we move forward to be a REAL publisher. Between you and me here, by going solo, we can have access to a lot of info (like checking stock, ship dates, etc) directly and hopefully my schedule permits I can give you guys updates faster.

But with the kinda extended break, we feel that it is better to restart from a #1. And since it is officially Ryu starting travelling around the world, it kinda fits into the SF II story more. Thats why we switch the title to SFII for a change. Do not worry, you will still see some SF Alpha characters. They are an integral part of the SF universe!

To me, Alpha and SFII is always like an integrated story. Capcom always told me we should not take each story too literal and die hard-ly say this is the definate cannon. Coz to them, they really did not consider every game happenning in the same time line. It is more like each game is their own "elseworld" thing to them. But when we started plotting out the comics, we feel that we should try hard to honor each element if possible. Given, some endings totally contradicted with each other. But we do want to assemble this puzzle in the best way we can to show a good picture!

It looks like there won't be a new Darkstalkers powerfoil by Joe in the near future so hopefully he will do something new for fans before 2006.

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Anonymous said...

In My honest opinion I like the idea of gathering the best of both sf, because street fighter is street fighter, alpha or II, it is always street fighter!!! ;)
Check out the sugestion at the last post, [[]]