Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Teaser image for the Joe Mad Site

Website Preview
Here is a teaser square of the layout I've made for the re-opening of the Joe Madureira Fansite. It's just the top left side of the site showing some items that will be featured on the site. Right now the server space I was going to get has changed and I'll need to look elsewhere so there is kind of a delay on the site launch. Also I need to figure out if I want to get a domain name or not for the site since it costs money annually. is owned by Joe himself so I also need to come up with a domain name. If you have any ideas you would like to see in the new site or a suggestion about a domain name feel free to comment!


Chris said...

Mike, a couple suggestions:


Youe doing a great job!
Thank you.


DADICUS said...

I agree!, (JoeMad!.com)
You're doing a sweet job!

Mike said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'd love to use JoeMad!.com but you can't use an apostrophe "!" in a URL.

Anonymous said...

I'm a brazian fan.
Voto por (JoeMad!.com)
Parabéns pelo site.
Congratulations for that site.
Vitor Lima.

DADICUS said...

Can't you just drop it like (

Mike said...

Yeah I tried but it was already registered. I emailed the guy who owned it since he doesn't have a site up for it and he wanted more than I wanted to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

By Aoshi_Shinomori

Before i say anything 'bout the subject i wanted to first congratulate u for the excelent site u own here, ;)

I'm from Portugal and I'm proud to be a fan of Mad!

I think u've already found the right adress "" but since it's probably difficult u get to have it how about trying:

May not be the best u can get but at least they're creative and I've checked them, they don't exist yet ;) My Wishes of Good Luck with your project.
Hope I'll check it out as soon as possible ;) Have an eye on it