Saturday, May 21, 2005

Joe's new game project update

Over at Nathen has announced that the new game Joe is currently working on is NOT Starcraft: Ghost. So this leads me to believe that the image Mad! did for blizzard was just a commission piece. Nathen is hoping to hear back from Joe Madureira himself very soon with possibly more information on what he's working on.

In site news... Today I have been thinking about bringing back the full version of my Joe Madureira! Fansite and have been looking into hosting and getting a domain name. I've got quite a bit of free time this summer so I can fill the site up with a lot of Joe Mad! goodies like images, interviews, checklists, and other related things. I'd love to hear from the fans about what other things you'd like to see on the site and if you think I should go forward with bringing my full site back. Feel free to leave comments below!


DADICUS said...

Do it, and give it a full gallery as to continue to our need for Mad, Images old and new!

Dude I stop by all the time and when theres something new I get all gitty so keep up the great work with out you I'd be seaching endlessly for new Joe Mad stuff. If you do put the new site up drop a link on my blog everyone who hangs there will deffinitely go to see it were all artists so we crave new Mad, stuff!

Mike said...

There will definately be a full gallery to check out when the site is back. Thanks for the comment dadicus! I love hearing from you guys with your support and comments. If all goes well the new site should be up very soon :)

Anonymous said...

Think said...
Sorry for the lameness, but meh, just wanted to say you got a nice little Joe Mad Thing going on, i usually check this space about once a week, Great to see someone cares about the Mad.