Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Darkstalkers #1 powerfoil is delayed

Over at Shoryuken Forums I found some info that explains the lateness of Joe's Darkstalkers Powerfoil cover.

Originally Posted by Yusuf
The Joe Mad power foil cover still hasn't arrived in shops here :'(
is there something going on??

Post by Udoneko
The printer messed it up in production and they have to be printed again. Should be in stores in the next 2 weeks.

For everyone that was worried that they missed out on Joe's Powerfoil cover for Darkstalkers #1 you can rest easy now that it has been all cleared up and like Udoneko said, expect it to be in stores in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome stuff here. I've been searching for some more things about Joe Madureira, and havent really found much, but this is a great site for his new art.
He's been a serious influence on my art style and story telling, and everytime i see his art, it makes me jump on my table and pick up a pencil again. Keep up this good work Mike!

Mike said...

Thanks, It's always great to hear people like yourself say they enjoy the site!