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Joe Madureira Posts Pencils to Savage Wolverine #6

Joe has posted his finely crafted pencil work to the Savage Wolverine #6 cover. Enjoy!

Joe Madureira and Zeb Wells on Savage Wolverine

It's finally official! Joe Madureira and Zeb Wells will be working on the Marvel Now! book Savage Wolverine starting with issue #6 this June.

Over at Comic Book Resources they have an exclusive interview with the team. CBR News: People have been asking about the work you guys are doing together for some time, so I thought I'd start off with a question about the evolution of this project. Was this story originally envisioned as an arc of "Avenging Spider-Man?" And if so, has the story changed significantly since becoming a "Savage Wolverine" story?

Zeb Wells: Yeah, we originally planned it for "Avenging Spidey," but with the massively talented Chris Yost coming onto that book and the lead character changing to "Superior Spider-Man," it didn’t fit quite as well.

The story was leaning more towards Wolverine and Elektra anyway, so with that in mind -- along with Joe needing to wrap up some work at his company and me getting consumed with my &q…

Zeb Wells Confirmed for the new Joe Madureira Marvel Now! Comic

Marvel has teased us yet again by confirming Zeb Wells will be the writer for the upcoming Marvel Now! book being released this June. I'll have more news when details are released!

Marvel Comics tease Joe Madureira's new project for June 2013

Marvel Comics subtly announced Joe's new project is going to be a part of the Marvel Now! publication.  Marvel Now! started the relaunch of several on going series in the Marvel Universe after the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. Will it be a Spider-man book? or possibly Wolverine? I think we will find out shortly! The new book launches in June 2013.

Sneak Peek at Joe's new work at Marvel

Joe Madureira posted a small teaser on twitter showing the script to his new book and a drawing of wolverine and possibly elektra in the background. Hopefully new information will surface soon on this new Marvel project!
My daughter suggested I use her special pencil. May take some getting used to...…
— Joe Madureira (@JoeMadx) March 1, 2013