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Darksiders II: Death’s Door Hard Cover Graphic Novel

Dark House is releasing Darksiders II: Death’s Door Volume 1 at the end of the year and will include issue's 0-5 of the digital comic series based on the recently released Darksiders II video game. It has been stated that Joe Madureira will be drawing the cover so hopefully it will be a new piece of work! Look forward to it being released December 19, 2012.

Darksiders II: Know Death Gameplay Trailer

Here's the final game play trailer before Darksiders II is released to stores next Tuesday, August 14th in North America and August 21st in Europe! It's going to be epic, if you're a Joe Madureira and video game fan you can't miss out on this game.

Kotaku: The Heavy-Metal Art Of Darksiders II

Over at they recently had an interview with Joe Madureira about the art design of Darksiders II. There were are few new images shown as well. Enjoy!

Kotaku: So, you're making a new game with an entirely new protagonist. And he's got a mouthless skull-face. How can you make Death into a relatable character? Is that even a priority?

Joe Madureira: A lot of it comes through in the voice performance by Michael Wincott— even if you were looking at the back of Death's head, you'd still get a lot of the emotion. A lot of it's done through body language as well. In the end, we had to cheat a little and affect Death's mask, even though it's made of bone. It does contort, and his brow furrows slightly. We couldn't get away with not doing that. But I think we pulled it off.

Neither Death nor War had any irises in their eyes. Do you worry that makes a character seem too inhuman?

The thing with War is that he's just a lot more of a stoic. He just didn…