Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Teaser Image from Joe Madureira's next Avenging Spider-Man Arc

Joe Madureira posted this to his Facebook the other day saying "The most fun part of drawing Wolverine for me is putting the hair on his arms. Weird?" For those of you who didn't know, the next Avenging Spider-Man arc drawn by Joe Mad will co-star Wolverine and a certain Greek assassin (I'm assuming it's Elektra). Hopefully Marvel will preview the cover art soon.


Tom said...

Can't wait to see more from this arc. Doesn't get much better, as far as mainstream superhero comics are concerned, than Joe Mad drawing a Spidey and Wolverine team-up.

Justin Bailey said...

Spider-man comics I find dreadful, but Joe Mad's stuff was just fun they managed to bring his art out, instead of burying it under the digital mess. I still think more of his greatness could come out, yet he drew a mean Red Hulk. That was great. Can't wait until the next time.