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New Avenging Spider-Man Coloured Pages

With San Diego comic-con well underway Marvel has released new images of Avenging Spider-Man #1 due out this November. They were revealed during the "Amazing Spider-Man and His Avenging Friends" panel. Here's some talk from the panel:
Wells talks Avenging Spider-Man: "We just want to tell big, fun stories, with some of the best artists in the business. We're going to try to bring in as many of the Marvel A-listers as we can,"
Wacker says Joe Madureira can "flat out draw. He's up there with Humberto."
"I'm really impressed with his storytelling," Wells added.
So it sounds like even though it's an ongoing series, Joe Madureira may not be the only artist on board to draw it. It's really not all that surprising since Joe Madureira already has a busy schedule working on the Darksiders video game series. Enjoy the pages!

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Ferran Sellares said…
I'm not happy with the colors... Whatever, I want a B&W edition... What do you think about the color, guys?
Damon Taylor said…
I like it, colours and all, looking forward to this. :0)
Anonymous said…
maybe Joe expressed how disappointed he was with the darkness of the ultimates run and demanded a brighter look for this book
Ferran Sellares said…
Well, I don't know if it was a Mad demand ( he and Litchner are good friends), but I think that is a color stuff without any levels. You can see the pencils better, no doubt, but sometimes it needs more...
I have a colorist that respect my pencils and uses a rich palette...;)
Tom said…
I think these pages look great, looks like it will be a super fun, action packed book, well suited to Joe's style. The colors could be stronger but doesn't really bother me. Black and white edition would be sweet. I really hope we get a substantial amount of issues with art from Joe before another artist takes over.
Wes Talbott said…
Joe's lines offer so many interesting shapes and this colorist didn't quite take advantage of those. Joe's Lines are so good that often people tend to depend on them too much instead of take advantage of the opportunity to fully realize them in value and color. I don't mind the brightness but it could have been more thorough. Still looks awesome though.

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