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Joe Madureira to be signing at the Marvel Booth during Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con starts this week and I've just found out that Joe Madureira will be signing at Marvels booth on Friday from 2-3pm. He'll be with Jeph Loeb so I'm assuming there will be Avenging Spider-Man posters to be signed. Let me know if any of you go to the signing!


In addition to the signing at the Marvel booth Friday @ 2pm he will be signing SATURDAY from 4pm-6pm at booth 4445 (Future US Publishing).
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Ferran Sellares said…
Preview in color:

I don't know... With this color you can see better mad's pencils, but I don't know. It can be muuuch better!
Mike said…
You're right, there's something not right about them.

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