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The Art of Darksiders II

Game Informer continues their coverage of Darksiders II with a video focusing on the art direction. They interview the Art Director Han Randhawa as well as Joe Madureira. There's some new art and interesting dialogue on how the Darksiders world follows Joe Mad's visual style and aesthetics.

You can watch the video here.

Darksider II Loot Gallery

Game Informer has an article up showing of the new "Loot" system in Darksiders II. You can customize Death's armor and weapons into a more advanced look.

Play around with the Loot Gallery on Game Informer to try on the different armor and weapons.

The Origin of Darksiders

Game Informer has updated the Darksiders II hub with a video interview with Joe Madureira talking about the origin of the Darksiders video game as well as showing off his Darksiders Tattoo!

Check it out here.

The History and Creative Process of Joe Madureira

Game Informer has a post just for Joe Madureira fans! There's a video showcasing his creative process as he draws a sketch of Darksiders II's lead character 'Death' and another telling us all about his history as an artist. A Joe Mad Fans must watch!

Joe's History

Joe's Creative Process

Darksiders II 'Death' Character Development Sketches

Game Informer has a new Darksides II article up which talks about the character development of the main character Death. Below are a few sketches and the finalized version of Death from Darksiders II.

The "Rejected" character concepts are below.

Vigil Games Studio Tour

A new update to the Darksiders II Hub at Game Informer. This time it's a video tour of the Vigil Games Studio in Austin, Texas. Some cool behind the scenes shots of the game and it's characters. As well as a few new Joe Madureira pieces.

Check it out here.

Darksiders Developer Commentary

Over at the Game Informer Darksiders II Hub there's a new developer commentary video featuring Joe Madureira and the other game designers talking about the first installment of the game. It has some good insights and details of how they made the first game.

Watch it here.

The Combat of Darksiders II

Game Informer has a new feature article on Darksiders II, this time it's comparing the combat of Darksiders lead character War with the new lead Death in Darksiders II.

Watch the video over at Game Informer and see some new Joe Madureira artwork. Here are a few screen grabs of said artwork.

Darksiders II Death art

Found this unreleased Death artwork by Joe Mad. Enjoy

Avenging Spider-Man! New ongoing Marvel comic series starting in November

HUGE news for Joe Madureira Fans! Starting this November the series features art by Joe Mad and is written by Zeb Wells.

Zeb Says “With Dan Slott nailing all the Peter Parker soap opera stuff in Amazing Spider-Man, we wanted to a book about Spider-Man as a super hero, out there in the Marvel Universe with the Avengers. This is the big super action movie of Spider-Man every month, with Joe Mad on art.” Joe says “I was a freaking nerd in high school, so I can relate to Spider-Man. I loved Spider-Man because he was funny. Over the years, depending on the writer, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s not. Zeb is very very funny. I hope I can pull it off, but we’re going to have some good comedy in there with serious big action.” Marvel states “the first arc will see Spider-Man and the Red Hulk headed deep underground to deal with the Mole Man and encountering a brand new threat… Avenging Spider-Man is Marvel Team-Up but where the stories have a major impact on Spider-Man and the Avengers.”…

Joe Madureira talks about Darksiders II at E3

THQ u Draw rep interviews Joe Madureira at E3 2011. He talks about the Game Informer Cover and a bit about Darksiders II.

Darksiders II Game Informer Cover and Trailer!

Darksiders II has been revealed starting with the July issue of Game Informer! Here's the cover.

You can view the trailer for Darksiders II here. Game Informer has a "Darksiders II Hub" page that reveals new content daily which can be viewed here.

I'm sure there will be more news during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next weekend! Stay tuned!