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Joe Madureira working on unannounced Marvel Project

It's official, Joe Madureira is working on an unannouced Marvel Comics project as we speak. In an interview yesterday with Newsarama he says,
"I'm actually working on a project for Marvel right now. I hope they announce it soon because I'm dying to talk about it!"
The rumors are flying on what he's exactly working on and there are several hints to what it could be. One was in the recently released Battle Chasers Anthology in an opening foreward by Jeph Loeb where Jeph says.
"I can only hope that he'll strike out again into the vast reaches of the comic book land he once conqured - Maybe even to see him tackle that webhead he loves so much."
As well in the Newsarama interview Joe Mad himself says,
"I will say it's a character that I've always wanted to work on. Probably my favorite character of all time, since I was a kid. People who follow my work can probably guess what it is!"
If these hints suggest anything it's that Joe Madureira will be doing a Spider-Man book. This is very exciting news for Joe Mad fans! More to come when the news is revealed.
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Damon Taylor said…
Yep, Spiderman would've been my first guess too. :0)
Ferran Sellares said…
WanderingSteve said…
Looks like "Avenging Spider-Man" is his new project:

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