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New interview with Joe Madureira today

Just passing on some information from THQ.
Join THQSledgehammer over the next 5 weeks as he live streams Darksiders 1 from deep within THQ. We will be hosting Q&A sessions, Live Developer chats, giving away a slew of Darksiders I & Darksiders II Swag and much more. Jump in and see how to complete the most complicated puzzles and defeat each of the games bosses.

Stream Link:

Part #5 Content: Join us as we Defeat Shadow War, collect The Armageddon Blade hit The Black Throne & Take down the DESTROYER which will have us completing the game.

Interview & Q&A With: Vigil Games Studio Creative Director, Joe Madureira

Darksiders (THQ) Interview with Vigil Games Studio Creative Director, Joe Madureira at 3:00pm PST during this live stream.

1UP's Charity Sketch Auction Features a Darksiders 2 Death Sketch

The fine folks over at are holding a charity auction with 100% of the profits going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The sketches were collected from some of the top game industry artists. One of which is from Joe Madureria who submitted an amazing sketch of Death from Darksiders 2.
If you're interested in bidding on this sketch or others please visit There are some other great sketches on there so I highly recommend giving the auction a look. If you're only interested in the Joe Madureira Death sketch you can bid on it by going here.

I'd just like to give a big thanks to Matt Leone from 1UP for sending me an email informing me about this great cause.

Avenging Spider-Man #3 Cover Pencils

Joe Madureira posted the cover pencils to Avenging Spider-Man #3 on Facebook recently. There has also been news that he will only be doing the first three issues of Avenging Spider-Man and return later on for another story arc. He cleared this up himself, To answer some of your questions--YES I WILL return to the book after my initial 3 issue story arc. I will be alternating with some of the best in the business, so this book is going to rock no matter who's on it. I'm signed on for a few different story arcs so DON'T WORRY, I'm not going anywhere.

Avenging Spider-Man # 2 Preview Pages

Over at Big Shiny Robot they received some coloured preview pages from the second issue of Avenging Spider-Man which is penciled by Joe Madureira and written by Zeb Wells. The Marvel solicitation says it will be released December 7th. The series everyone’s talking about kicks it up a gear in this first look at Avenging Spider-Man #2 With Free Digital Code! From the blockbuster creative team of Zeb Wells & Joe Madureira pit the team-up of Red Hulk & Spidey against an unstoppable army of Moloids! Don’t forget that every purchase of a polybagged issue of Avenging Spider-Man #2 comes with a special code to be redeemed for a free digital copy of the issue on the Marvel Comics app! With J. Jonah Jameson held hostage, can Spider-Man and Red Hulk fight back the hordes of underground dwellers to save the day? The high octane web-slinging action continues this December in Avenging Spider-Man #2 With Free Digital Code! AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #2 WITH FREE DIGITAL CODE (OCT110628) …

Avenging Spider-Man #1-3 To Include Free Digital Copy

Marvel has decided to include a free digital copy with the purchase of each issue of Avenging Spider-Man. Here's the press release: As a result of the overwhelming support for the Avenging Spider-Man #1 With Free Digital Code* free digital copy promotion, Marvel is proud to announce that now every issue of Avenging Spider-Man’s action packed first arc, will be polybagged with a code for a FREE digital copy! So when you purchase any print copy of Avenging Spider-Man #1, #2 AND #3 from the blockbuster creative team of Zeb Wells & Joe Madureira, you’ll get a free digital copy of that issue on the Marvel Comics app (for iOS and Android devices) at no extra cost!“At New York Comic Con we heard from fans and retailers that this was the most exciting digital comics move of the year because of the added value it gives every copy of Avenging Spider-Man,” said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales. “Based on initial orders of over 100,000 units for the first issue—and the steady increase…

Avenging Spider-Man #3 Cover

The New York Comic Con was this past week and during the "Amazing Spider-Man" panel they revealed the cover to Avenging Spider-Man #3.

Battle Chasers Anthology Sketches

Joe Madureira posted some of his favorite Battle Chasers sketches on facebook a little while ago featuring all your favorite Battle Chaser's. Enjoy!

Avenging Spider-Man #2 Preview Pages

Here's a few preview pages for Avenging Spider-Man #2 as well as the pencils from the cover for Avenging Spider-Man #1!

Avenging Spider Man #1 11 Page Preview!

Over at they have an 11 Page preview of Avenging Spider Man #1. The pages kind of look like scans from the issue... so I may have to take these down if asked. Anyway enjoy! I think they look amazing!

Joe Madureira signing today at GDC Online Conference

Today Joe Madureira was signing at the Vigil Games booth during GDC Online. The boys at Vigil posted this picture of Joe in action on their twitter this afternoon. Enjoy!

Avenging Spider-Man dated for November 9th 2011

Avenging Spider-Man will be released November 9th, 2011 for $3.99. It will be the first Marvel comic to be shipped polybagged with a code inside for a free digital copy to be read on the Marvel Comics app.

Joe Madureira Update

Joe Madureira posted some old and new artwork on his facebook page! It includes the Michael Turner Tribute, a new Avenging Spider-Man page, Darksiders Concept art, The Battle Chasers Hard Cover Pencils and the Battle Chasers Hardcover Pull Out Poster. Also, for those of you going to the New York Comic Con Joe Madureira recently said that he won't be able to make it this year... So it looks like I will NOT be in New York in October for NYCC. Sorry guys. Plans fell through. But on the bright side--I'll be at the studio working on Spidey pages. Which is good. Believe me!!!!

New Death Artwork? has posted some new screen shots of Darksiders II as well as a video with Joe Madureira discussing the story of the sequel.

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New Avenging Spider-Man Coloured Pages

With San Diego comic-con well underway Marvel has released new images of Avenging Spider-Man #1 due out this November. They were revealed during the "Amazing Spider-Man and His Avenging Friends" panel. Here's some talk from the panel:
Wells talks Avenging Spider-Man: "We just want to tell big, fun stories, with some of the best artists in the business. We're going to try to bring in as many of the Marvel A-listers as we can,"Wacker says Joe Madureira can "flat out draw. He's up there with Humberto.""I'm really impressed with his storytelling," Wells added.So it sounds like even though it's an ongoing series, Joe Madureira may not be the only artist on board to draw it. It's really not all that surprising since Joe Madureira already has a busy schedule working on the Darksiders video game series. Enjoy the pages!