Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicago Comic Con Panel

This past weekend Joe Madureira attended the Chicago Comic Con and spoke in a small panel as well as hanging out in Artist Alley signing a new Red Monika sketch.

Over at the JoeMadFan.com message board a lucky few were able to check out the panel and here is what they had to say.

For those who couldn't go, I wanted to post some quick things about Joe's appearance at Wizard World Chicago (or the Chicago Comic Con, as they're calling it now).

I only went to the show on Saturday, but he had two tables set up in Artist's Alley and was selling prints of a pretty new (?) Red Monika pencil pinup, which was an awesome surprise. I don't have a pic/scan of it yet, but you can find one floating around on ebay.

During his Q&A panel, Joe mentioned Darksiders 2 and let slip that he's close to coming back to comics for a stint with Marvel (to be officially announced in a couple months). He said it'd be a title he's wanted to work on for a while (if I remember correctly), which got me thinking Spidey for some reason. Either way, it'll be great to get some Mad comics again. And new Battle Chasers comics are at least a couple years out because of the Marvel work and video game development.

Post by: skizzoid

Pretty exciting news on the Joe Madureira front! I'll keep you updated with any news in the near future. For now check out the amazing sketch by Joe Mad!


Will Caligan said...

Yeah, I met Joe on Saturday. I was luck, being set up there myself, I got to talk to him before anyone got in the show. An awesome cat. He signed my Darksiders art book and my Ultimates 3 black and white book. My life is now complete.

Mike said...

That's awesome Will, I'm extremely jealous!

Will Caligan said...

Yeah, Mike it made my weekend.

Tom said...

Wow, that Monika print is gorgeous, have to try and snag one on ebay. Cool news concerning Joe possibly doing something at Marvel soon, that's great!