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UK Darksiders Event

The Darksiders Community Team have invited me to a Darksiders Event in London, England for this Thursday (October 29th). Unfortunately I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada so I cannot attend. If you live in the London area please email ASAP as I can put your name on the guest list to go on my behalf.

email: mikemcmahon [at]



*UPDATE* Sadly no one got back to me in time for the event, it was a missed opportunity for sure.

Joe Madureira attending the Big Apple Comic Con

Just an FYI that Joe Madureira will be at the Big Apple Comic Con. If you can make it, I'd highly suggest going! Joe Mad hasn't had a signing like this in a long time.

"Joe Madureira is making a rare convention appearance at the Big Apple Comic Con October 16-18. 2009 to greet fans and sign autographs. Don’t miss your chance to meet this legendary comic artist!"

source: Wizard World