Monday, August 10, 2009

E3 Sketch of Wolverine

Over at Comic Art Fans there's a new sketch by Joe Madureira of Wolverine during Age of Apocalypse. It was drawn for a fan at E3 who wrote,

"I saw Joe at E3 and he was extremely gracious enough to hook me up with this phenomenal Age of Apocalypse Wolverine sketch. It was fun debating where the triangle was and talking about booth babes. Good times. Thanks Joe!"

I'd recommend clicking through the rest of that site since there are several sketches of Captain America, Red Monika, and more by Joe Mad.


bravlin said...

wow this blog is stil alive )

Plaid Klaus said...

WOW! Glad to see this blog is back, glad I checked in.

Happy your posting once again.

Mike said...

Thanks guys, yeah Joe Mad news is so thin so posts are few and far between.