Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joe Madureira teases about Battle Chaser's Issue 10

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During our hands-on experience with Darksiders, Joe Madureira joked that he could hide all of Battle Chasers #10 throughout the game. Cruel, Madureira, cruel. If you're a fan of the comic, then you'll know that issue has been a long time coming. Like eight years long. Eight. very. long. years. Even at the glacial pace the book was used to, that's been more than enough time to finish the series.

We asked Madureira if there would be any hidden easter eggs featuring his artwork through the game, and he joked "Yeah, actually Battle Chasers #10 is scattered throughout the levels! Maybe I can finish it before the game comes out." We won't hold our breath, Joe. But seriously, when this game goes gold, please think about returning to the drawing board and putting that thing to bed. We'd love to read it.

Let's pray that Joe Mad will someday finish Battle Chasers. Until then we have Darkstalkers to wait on.


Tom said...

Man, rough joke from Joe, haha. I think Darksiders will rock and if Joe's art isn't featured throughout the game in some form I would be shocked. I hope Joe does reaturn and finish off BC proper, that would be the greatest event in comic book history as far as I am concerned.

Chris said...

Copy that Mike!!

Ferran Sellares said...

I pray for this!