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New Darksiders Artwork

I was searching around the web and was pointed in the direction of new Darksiders artwork by Joe Madureira. Some of it might be old and some are questionable to being done by Joe Mad but enjoy them none the less!

Here is the cover to the Darksiders Gamestop pre-order bonus graphic novel.

Wizard #221 Joe Mad Cover

Here's what Wizard Magazine has to say about January's issue.

JOE MAD'S LATEST! We hook up with fan-fave artist Joe Madureira for a look at his latest project: the forthcoming THQ video game release, Darksiders! Get an exclusive look at Joe Mad's designs as we catch up with the one-time X-Men superstar. Available in comic book stores: 01/06/10

I'll have the cover up as soon as it's released.

UK Darksiders Event

The Darksiders Community Team have invited me to a Darksiders Event in London, England for this Thursday (October 29th). Unfortunately I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada so I cannot attend. If you live in the London area please email ASAP as I can put your name on the guest list to go on my behalf.

email: mikemcmahon [at]



*UPDATE* Sadly no one got back to me in time for the event, it was a missed opportunity for sure.

Joe Madureira attending the Big Apple Comic Con

Just an FYI that Joe Madureira will be at the Big Apple Comic Con. If you can make it, I'd highly suggest going! Joe Mad hasn't had a signing like this in a long time.

"Joe Madureira is making a rare convention appearance at the Big Apple Comic Con October 16-18. 2009 to greet fans and sign autographs. Don’t miss your chance to meet this legendary comic artist!"

source: Wizard World

Darksiders Final Box Art

Here is the final box art for the game Darksiders by Joe Madureira, both the sketch and the full colour version! The image sizes are huge so you can examine every fine detail of Joe Madureira's beautiful artwork.

Along with that there are some sketches of the horse Ruin, and the Sythe weapon available when you pre-order the game at Gamestop. Darksiders is released in North American January 5th, 2010.

E3 Sketch of Wolverine

Over at Comic Art Fans there's a new sketch by Joe Madureira of Wolverine during Age of Apocalypse. It was drawn for a fan at E3 who wrote,

"I saw Joe at E3 and he was extremely gracious enough to hook me up with this phenomenal Age of Apocalypse Wolverine sketch. It was fun debating where the triangle was and talking about booth babes. Good times. Thanks Joe!"

I'd recommend clicking through the rest of that site since there are several sketches of Captain America, Red Monika, and more by Joe Mad.

Darksiders Sketch Updates!

So it seems I'm a little behind on the new Joe Madureira art around the web. Here are a few from Darksiders.

Darksiders to be released in January 2010

So I think it's official to say that Darksiders will be available in January 2010! I for one can't wait to see how Joe Madureira's concept art is featured in the game and how closely it follows his artistic style.

Speaking of concept art, a new piece has been revealed over at the official Darksiders web site. It is of 'The Watcher' who is voiced by Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame.

That's all for now!

Joe Madureira teases about Battle Chaser's Issue 10

This comes from

During our hands-on experience with Darksiders, Joe Madureira joked that he could hide all of Battle Chasers #10 throughout the game. Cruel, Madureira, cruel. If you're a fan of the comic, then you'll know that issue has been a long time coming. Like eight years long. Eight. very. long. years. Even at the glacial pace the book was used to, that's been more than enough time to finish the series.

We asked Madureira if there would be any hidden easter eggs featuring his artwork through the game, and he joked "Yeah, actually Battle Chasers #10 is scattered throughout the levels! Maybe I can finish it before the game comes out." We won't hold our breath, Joe. But seriously, when this game goes gold, please think about returning to the drawing board and putting that thing to bed. We'd love to read it.

Let's pray that Joe Mad will someday finish Battle Chasers. Until then we have Darkstalkers to wait on.

Darksiders Artwork

Here are just a few pieces of Joe Madureira's artwork for Darksiders I have yet to post. Enjoy!