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New Interview with Joe Mad from Wizard

Over at wizard's website they have posted a new interview talking with Joe Madureira about what he's up to and his work on Ultimates 3, which is hitting in December by the way. Thankfully they asked if he would continue Battle Chasers but his answer has changed a bit,

"MADUREIRA: Hmm, everyone asks me about that… I don’t know. I feel like it’s been so long at this point I’d almost have to re-launch it just to get people back up to speed. I don’t know how much comic work I can realistically do with the game company totally taking off as it has. Early on I didn’t know if this thing was going to go anywhere so I kind of factored in a lot more time to work on the comic stuff than what I actually have. We’ll see. If I do a steady chunk of comic work at some point, I would love to do some Battle Chasers stuff even if it’s just smaller stories. I can’t believe that I’ll never work with those characters again. I’ll just say, “Yes, someday I’ll do more Battle Chasers.”
I've also…

Ultimates 3 #1 Full Cover

IGN just released the full hero and villain poster today, I have to say it is pretty bad ass.

Also during the San Diego Comic Con this Saturday, Marvel Comics is hosting their Ultimate Universe panel. This will have both Jeph Loeb and Brian Bendis discussing Ultimates 3 and Ultimate Origin. I'll post any new news and imagery that are released as usual.

Ultimates Cover Revealed

With the San Diego Comic Con starting in mere hours Ign has posted an early look at Ultimates 3's cover art. Check back on friday for news on the Ultimates Panel which should reveal even more about the series as well as some new imagery.

Darksiders: Wrath of War

Huge announcement from Vigil Games, they have announced a new game called Darksiders: Wrath of War. Joe Madureira is the creative director and the game looks very stylized of his work. Here are some images as well check out for some gameplay footage.

Iron and the Maiden Cover

Here is Joe Mad's 50/50 cover of Iron and the Maiden. Pick it up in your local comic shop on Maiden Day August 01!