Monday, January 15, 2007

Tiny Ultimates 3 Update

Weekly column "New Joe Friday's" over at had a Q&A section where a fan asked about getting to see some new artwork for Ultimates 3.

RQ: “hendrijr” - Hey Joe, got a question for you about another Joe. Haven't heard or seen much of Joe Mads upcoming Marvel work yet-and he was announced like two years ago. Any chance we can see some of said artwork soon?

JQ: Mmmm, more like a year and a half, hendrijr. Joe is feverishly working on The Ultimates but at his and Jeph Loeb’s request, we’re not revealing much of it just yet. Don’t worry, it’s coming and it looks amazing!


Anonymous said...

You rule man, thanks for the Update always

peace and love

Anonymous said...

ARGGHHHHH how many more delays is this book gonna have? this was supposed to be out october last year.

- pissed and impatient

Anonymous said...

Is the reason why Joe Mad & Jeff Loeb's run on the Ultimates because Joe is behind on his artwork......again? This series has been held up for a year and a half, what gives??

yop! said...

It's an habit now to wait for Joe Mad! The story and the artworks are gonna be great.
In France, we get used to wait about a year for an artist(that's a fast one) or-that's common- two or three years. And at last we read only 50 pages...
What a world!