Thursday, September 21, 2006

Site update

Just so you know is now up. It's still in the beginning's stages but you can check out interviews and a large checklist of Joe's work right now. When I have some free time from school I will start organizing the images. Thanks for your continued support!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Joe Mad variant Cover in December

I was just checking Newsarama's Marvel solicitations for December and read that Joe will be doing a variant cover for Onslaught Reborn #2 (written by Jeph Loeb, Pencils and cover by Rob Liefeld). Sadly there is no image with the solicitation but I'll look around for one.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Progress report on Ultimates vol. 3

It has been a very quiet few months for Joe Madureira fans but over at the Baltimore ComicCon Joe Quesada had a small update on the progress of Ultimates vol. 3.

What's the progress on "Ultimates" volumes 3 and 4? Quesada has seen Joe Madureira's first issue and says it looks good. Madureira is "feverishly" working on more.

There was also another question...
Michael Turner or Joe Madureira on Spider-Man? "Anything's possible," Quesada replied. "They pick the projects they want to do."

I've found out from that Joe Mad did some character designs for Iron and the Maiden which is an upcoming comic/video game with no release date yet. Sadly there are no images from Mad shown at this time.

There is going to be a flip cover by Joe Mad for Elephantmen #4 due out in October. Again, Nathen from found out that the cover is just a re-hash of his earlier Hip Flask cover so it's not new art.

An older update at Newsarama during the Wizard World Chicago had some more Ultimates vol. 3 news.

Asked when Ultimates 3 will be published, Loeb said when Ultimates 2 is completed.

Loeb said colorist Christian Lichtner has joined the team for Ultimates 3 and will be adding digital color over Joe Madureira'’s pencils, giving it a very painted look. To demonstrate a slide was displayed showing Black Panther fighting Ultimate Venom.

Asked why Loeb wanted to write Ultimates 3, he initially joked, "Because no one else wanted to”."

Loeb then explained the Avengers was always a favorite of his when he was a kid, citing the classic "Even An Android Can Cry"” as a particular favorite, and figuring the Marvel Universe Avengers were well in hand with Brian Bendis, and seeing Millar was leaving the franchise, thought the Ultimates was his best opportunity to write an Avengers title.

Loeb went on to say that with Joe Madureira'’s success in the videogame industry, the artist doesn'’t need to do this project for the money or exposure, saying that he'’s doing it out of ego, feeling Bryan Hitch has raised the artistic bar with the title and that Madureira wants to raise it even higher.

Following that, there isn't really anything else to update with. Ultimates vol. 3 is expected to start in early 2007 thanks to the delay of the current (vol. 2) title. So keep checking back every once in a while for more updates!