Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tiny Ultimates 3 update

Over at this weeks New Joe Fridays had a question on the progress of projects at Marvel.

NRAMA: And since we’re talking about artists and schedules, how about quick updates on when fans might see any of the following projects?

Ultimates 3?

JQ: Joe Mad pages are beautiful. Wish I could show ya, but you’ll have to wait until Ultimates 3 in 2007.

So again, no specific date has been announced yet on when in 2007 we will get Joe Madureira's Ultimate 3 art in our hands but I'm hoping it will be soon after Ultimates 2 finishes up in December/January.

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Talha said...

Can't wait for Ultimates 3. I don't know whether to buy the book by issue or wait for the trade paperback. Madureira's work looks great in trade form with the juicy sketchbook and honest intros.

Btw, I appreciate this site a lot.