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Ultimates 3 tidbit

Over at Newsarama in this weeks New Joe Fridays Joe Quadsa had a little bit to say about Joe Madureira's Ulitmates 3 run.

As to what they've got hatching in Ultimates 4 -- I can't really say because it is impacted by Ultimates 3, which is impacted by Ultimates 2. You don't want me to get in trouble with Millar, Hitch, Loeb, Madureira and McGuinness do you?

Don't answer that! Okay, I can tell you this much, McGuinness' two favorite Marvel characters are Thor and the Hulk. Now, what book has both of those characters in it? So, wouldn't a story that brought those two together by Loeb and McGuinness sound... interesting? AH! I've said too much!

NRAMA: You’ve made the decision to follow-up perhaps the poster-title for contemporary schedule “issues” with a couple of volumes with now three creators attached who have all had scheduling issues in the past. Joe Madureira’s run was announced about a year ago and our latest info has it as still unscheduled. Do you consider it a risk at all? Do you think the franchise can survive a possible lengthy gap between Volumes 2 and 3?

And can you give any hope to Ultimates and Madureira fans and ballpark when readers might see Vol. 3?

JQ: Hey, why mess with tradition! [laughs]

There will be more info about scheduling coming up sometime soon. In all seriousness, the stuff I've seen from Joe is just remarkable, I don't think anyone will be even remotely disappointed with what they get. And because so many fans have asked, "Why announce 4 when we haven't seen any of 3?" our answer is with another question: "Why put out a trailer for Spider-Man 3 a year before anybody gets to see that movie?" We believe that as big a book as Ultimates is, these pairings with Loeb are so exciting that we want the world to know they are coming -- and if all goes well, they will be on time, and monthly through the two volumes. Who knows, we might get lucky and tell you about Ultimates 5 with…

So it seems they will announce the release date sometime in the near future. I personally think it will be at the Wizard World Chicago Convention in August since Jeph Loeb is attending it and is saposed to be doing a keynote.

In site news, all you joe mad fans are in for a treat! I've bought some webspace and put up what I have so far of the Joe Madureira Fansite!! check it out at or or soon to be! There will be more site updates soon! Keep posted.
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Anonymous said…
I found a really sweet picture mad did of black panther and venom. It was on comics continuum a few days ago.

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