Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Picture of Joe's Contribution to Batman/Superman #26

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Hey guys and gals, here is a photograph of the page Joe drew for Batman/Superman #26. The issue just came out today so head out to your local shop to pick it up since it features pages from dozens of other artists that all came together to create this special tribute issue for Sam Loeb, Jeph Loeb's son.

I apologize for the quality of the image, it was taken with a digital camera because I don't have access to a scanner at the moment but I figured I'd put it up anyway since I know a lot of you love seeing new Mad! art like I do.

Next up for Joe will be his Ultimates vol. 3 run which should begin later this year. Ultimates vol. 2 is wrapping up at the end of June so we should be hearing more information and hopefully seeing more imagery in the coming months. Enjoy the image!


Nathen said...

Hey mike,

It's Nate from, was that the only page? I thought I read they were doing 3 pages each. I wasn't going to scan it so people would actually buy it(still might), cause they should, but maybe I will now if it's only one page. Sucks too I have to wait until tomorrow here because of the holiday. That page looks awesome..he made Robin look cool, that's skill right there.

You still working on a site? how is it coming?



DPT said...

It looks a lot simpler than other stuff he's done. I dunno, rushed or something as does a lot of the stuff he's drawn since leaving comics. It's almost like he's out of practice because he's not drawing as much as he used to. I'm sure he'll be on top of his game for Ultimates though. :0) Can hardly wait!

Mike said...

Hey Nate, yeah it was only the page. Only a couple artists had more than one page contributed. His Robin does look awesome eh?, I think Joe's approach for this page fits better than if he went super detailed in it like his concept art. As for the site I haven't done very much, I've been pretty busy working and just enjoying the summer. I still have the old layout I never released but I kind of want to do something different. So I don't know what I'm gonna do just yet. Later man.