Monday, November 01, 2004

Cleaner Darkstalkers #3 Cover Pencils

Here's a picture of some cleaner pencils for Joe Madureira's Darkstalker #3 cover. Big thanks to Comics Continuum for the picture.


Anonymous said...


Glad I found your fansite!

I am not a big Madureira fan, but I am inspired by his style. Words fail to explain how much I like it.

Do you know of any comics that he continues to draw?

Mike said...

Joe left the comic business a couple years ago now and is working for a video game company called NCsoft. He's currently only doing covers for Udon's Darkstalker series and a cover for Street Fighter.

I recommend his older comic Battle Chasers, it is arguably his best work. The series only had 9 issues that ended in a cliffhanger. He says that he wants to finish the series some day so all his fans are looking forward to that. As for why he stopped making the series, fans were upset that it took so long between issues so instead of hurting his fans he stopped the series. He also wanted to take a break to be with his family more.