Saturday, October 16, 2004

What's Mad! up to?

Nathen over at got an E-Mail reply from Joe the other day about what's up:

"Joe Mad! has written me back and has said a few things.

1. He is still doing 6 covers for the Darkstalkers series, but they're not in a row.

2. The Street Fighter back up story will NOT be in issue #13 and he's not sure what issue it will be in.

3. NcSoft wants to wait before revealing anything about the new project that he is working on and he's guessing but it might be up to 6 months before we get to see anything for it. He said he might be able to share some things sooner, but it will still be sometime before that can happen.

I will update when I hear more."

There you have it! Thanks to Nathen we now see what to expect from Joe Mad! in the next while.


Anonymous said...

dear fan,

i wonder why joe stopped drawing battle chasers... i was really hoping to see #10.. but it never came... is there a way to which we can poll or something to ask him to draw B.C once more? and to continue the story... i really hope so.. coz his story line and drawings is so good....

Mike said...

Joe discontinued Battle Chasers because of angry fans complaining about how late each issue came out and he also wanted to spend more time with his family. Joe continues to say in interviews that he will one day continue working on Battle Chasers, so all the Mad! Fans out there will have to wait patiently until he announces something.