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Marvel's New X-Men Series 'House of X' to Feature a Joe Madureira Variant Cover

Marvel Comics recently announced two new X-Men series debuting this July written by acclaimed writer Jonathan Hickman. They are titled 'House of X' and 'Powers of X' and will redefine the X-Men and their place in the Marvel Universe. Joe Madureira had a successful run on Uncanny X-Men back in the 1990's and Marvel has commissioned him to draw various variant covers for X-Men over years since then. Fans can now anticipate a new variant cover by Joe for the new 'House of X' series this July since his name is in the solicitations.

Here's an image promotion the new X-Men series (not drawn by Joe Mad!).

Recent posts

Rough Concept Sketches of Rogue and Gambit Kickstarter Backer Reward

Back in February Joe posted to twitter about a Kickstarter backer sketch reward (for backing Battle Chaser's: Nightwar) that featured 90's Uncanny X-Men characters Rogue and Gambit. Today he's posted some rough concepts of the two before he decided on the final piece. It's amazing to see Joe draw these characters again after so many years.

Here's what Joe had to say on twitter:

Some roughs for that Rogue and Gambit Image I posted recently. Everything starts with messy scribbles! #rogue #gambit #XMen #marvelcomics #ComicArt #90s #sketches

Toy Fair 2019 Reveals Batman Black & White Statue by Joe Madureira

Exciting news for DC Collectible fans! At Toy Fair 2019 DC has revealed their upcoming lineup of releases and one is a Batman Black and White statue by Joe Madureira! Here's what DC says about the release:

"Straight from the variant cover of JUSTICE LEAGUE: REBIRTH #1 comes Batman by Joe Madureira, in a powerful stance, ready for action. This Batman Black & White piece features Madureira’s bold and graphic lines and strong character design, all sculpted into 3-D form by Paul Harding. The Batman Black & White line brings to life interpretations of the World’s Greatest Detective and select Gotham City characters from the comics industry’s brightest stars. Limited edition of 5,000 and individually numbered."

The statue can be pre-ordered online now. Image below shows Justice League: Rebirth #1, which is the comic cover the statue is based on. Here's hoping there will be some other Joe Madureira statues released in the future.

New Joker Sketch by Joe Madureira

Another backer sketch as part of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar kickstarter campaign features the Joker! Here's what Joe had to say about the drawing:

Another fun backer reward from our BC Kickstarter campaign. Some tiers let you choose specific characters, Jared chose the Joker. Slowly but surely getting through all of these. #Kickstarter #Joker #dccomics #comics #sketch #pencils #YesNewBCcomicsAreComing

In the twitter post Joe says "Yes, new BC comics are coming." As part of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar Kickstarter campaign it was stated that Joe would finish the story of his original Battle Chaser's story by releasing issues 10-12. Fans have been patiently (and not patiently) waiting for the issues to come out. Hopefully we will learn more about them in 2019.

Joe Madureira's Unnatural #8 Cover Revealed

Coming to comic stores near you on March 6th, Mirka Andolfo's Unnatural #8 will have variant 'B' covers, one of which is by Joe Madureira. If you're not familiar with the series, here's a synopsis by Image Comics:

"Leslie is a simple pig girl. She loves sushi, she's stuck with a job she hates, and she lives under a brutal totalitarian government-one that punishes transgressors for anything deemed 'unnatural.' Leslie dreams of something different for herself. But those dreams are becoming dangerous... This Italian hit series by MIRKA ANDOLFO (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, DC Comics Bombshells) will transport you into a colorful but terrible world-full of anthropomorphic creatures, but light on personal freedoms-by way of a breathtaking plot that travels between thriller and fantasy, with a hint of sensuality."

New Sketch by Joe Madureira Featuring Gambit and Rogue from Uncanny X-Men

Rewards are still going out from the Kickstarter campaign that helped fund Battle Chasers: Nightwar. One backer reward level got you a sketch of your choice drawn by Joe Madureira. This drawing brings back all kinds of memories from Joe's run on Uncanny X-Men. During the run, Gambit and Rogue had a budding romance and now we get to see how much Joe's art has developed since those 90's stories. Here's what Joe had to say about it:

What year is this again?! The 90’s are alive and well! One of my favorite #kickstarter backer reward sketchies. Most of you were babies the last time I drew these two. 😂 Thanks Kin! ❤️ #gambit #rogue #XMen #25yearsLater

Unnatural #8 Variant Cover by Joe Madureira Coming March 2019

It's been a quiet six months for Joe Madureira news but snooping around the news today I see he's scheduled to draw a variant cover for issue 8 of Image Comic's bestselling series 'Unnatural' created by Mirka Andolfo.

The cover hasn't been released yet but hopefully something will be released before the March 6th release. Here is Mirka Andolfo's cover for the issue.

I'd also like to thank you all for the ongoing support and wish you a Happy Holidays! Here's a classic holiday themed Joe Madureira page from Uncanny X-Men 341!