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Joe's Onslaught Reborn Variant Cover

Over at Newsarama they have put up two of the four variant covers for the upcoming Onslaught Reborn #2 shipping in December. If this piece of work is any indication of what to expect of his Ultimates 3 run then we are in for a real treat. Mad is offically back!

Tiny Ultimates 3 update

Over at this weeks New Joe Fridays had a question on the progress of projects at Marvel.

NRAMA: And since we’re talking about artists and schedules, how about quick updates on when fans might see any of the following projects?

Ultimates 3?

JQ: Joe Mad pages are beautiful. Wish I could show ya, but you’ll have to wait until Ultimates 3 in 2007.

So again, no specific date has been announced yet on when in 2007 we will get Joe Madureira's Ultimate 3 art in our hands but I'm hoping it will be soon after Ultimates 2 finishes up in December/January.

Site update

Just so you know is now up. It's still in the beginning's stages but you can check out interviews and a large checklist of Joe's work right now. When I have some free time from school I will start organizing the images. Thanks for your continued support!

Progress report on Ultimates vol. 3

It has been a very quiet few months for Joe Madureira fans but over at the Baltimore ComicCon Joe Quesada had a small update on the progress of Ultimates vol. 3.

What's the progress on "Ultimates" volumes 3 and 4? Quesada has seen Joe Madureira's first issue and says it looks good. Madureira is "feverishly" working on more.

There was also another question...
Michael Turner or Joe Madureira on Spider-Man? "Anything's possible," Quesada replied. "They pick the projects they want to do."

I've found out from that Joe Mad did some character designs for Iron and the Maiden which is an upcoming comic/video game with no release date yet. Sadly there are no images from Mad shown at this time.

There is going to be a flip cover by Joe Mad for Elephantmen #4 due out in October. Again, Nathen from found out that the cover is just a re-hash of his earlier Hip Flask cover so it's not new art.

An older update at Newsar…

Ultimates 3 tidbit

Over at Newsarama in this weeks New Joe Fridays Joe Quadsa had a little bit to say about Joe Madureira's Ulitmates 3 run.

As to what they've got hatching in Ultimates 4 -- I can't really say because it is impacted by Ultimates 3, which is impacted by Ultimates 2. You don't want me to get in trouble with Millar, Hitch, Loeb, Madureira and McGuinness do you?

Don't answer that! Okay, I can tell you this much, McGuinness' two favorite Marvel characters are Thor and the Hulk. Now, what book has both of those characters in it? So, wouldn't a story that brought those two together by Loeb and McGuinness sound... interesting? AH! I've said too much!

NRAMA: You’ve made the decision to follow-up perhaps the poster-title for contemporary schedule “issues” with a couple of volumes with now three creators attached who have all had scheduling issues in the past. Joe Madureira’s run was announced about a year ago and our latest info has it as still unscheduled. Do you …

Joe's Batman/Superman #26 page inks!

I found out that every page in Batman/Superman #26 is being auctioned off at Wizard World Chicago for the Sam Loeb College Scholarship fund. The event takes place on August 5th from 2-4 PM. Check out this site for more details. You can also check out all the inked pages for the issue on that site, which is where I got this Joe Mad page. I would like to recommend everyone to go out and buy this issue because Jeph Loeb has done so much for the comic world and this was his sons first major publication that was never finished due to his passing, he will be dearly missed.

Enjoy the inks, and go out and buy Batman/Superman #26 to show your support.

Picture of Joe's Contribution to Batman/Superman #26

click image to enlarge

Hey guys and gals, here is a photograph of the page Joe drew for Batman/Superman #26. The issue just came out today so head out to your local shop to pick it up since it features pages from dozens of other artists that all came together to create this special tribute issue for Sam Loeb, Jeph Loeb's son.

I apologize for the quality of the image, it was taken with a digital camera because I don't have access to a scanner at the moment but I figured I'd put it up anyway since I know a lot of you love seeing new Mad! art like I do.

Next up for Joe will be his Ultimates vol. 3 run which should begin later this year. Ultimates vol. 2 is wrapping up at the end of June so we should be hearing more information and hopefully seeing more imagery in the coming months. Enjoy the image!

Batman/Superman #26 out this week!

DC comics is shipping Batman/Superman #26 this week which will have a couple pages by Joe Mad. Here's what DC has to say about the issue.
"At the height of INFINITE CRISIS, Robin and Superboy team up for an extra-sized story that's not to be missed! Written by Sam Loeb and some of the best writers in comics today, this issue was completed by Sam's artist and writer friends a veritable Who's Who of modern comics, including Jim Lee, Mike Turner, Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, Brad Meltzer, Ed McGuinness and many more! This issue also features a bonus SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS short story by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale! Don't miss it!"

I recommended picking up this issue for more than just Joe's art; proceeds from the sales are going to a charity for Jeph Loebs son Sam who has passed away after his fight with cancer. So please go out and show your support and buy an issue or two.

New Dungeon Runners Concept Art

NC Soft has updated their Dungeon Runners site with some more concept art by Joe Mad. Some of the works are old and have been seen before, but others are new. Check them out here. Also if you're into the MMO video games then sign up to be apart of the Dungeon Runners Beta test which just opened today.

In site related news, I'm thinking about bringing back my full Joe Madureira Fansite within the next while, I'll have to buy some hosting and get a nice domain name first, but I just wanted to let you know it's coming. As for content it will have the basics like a gallery, checklist, interviews, latest news, etc. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on the site feel free to add it to the comments.

Joe Quesada talks about Mad! on Ultimates 3

The weekly Joe Friday's Question and Answer over at Newsarama had a question about Joe's progress on the upcoming Ultimates 3 run.

NEWSARAMA: Like his former Cliffhanger mate - Joe Madureira– - before him, Jeff Campbell obviously brings also questions regarding his “pace”. First of all, how are things going with Madureira? Here is your opportunity to align expectations with how many Loeb/Mad issues of Ultimates 3 readers are likely to see, and how often when the book launches later this summer (is that right?)

Joe Quesada: Actually, what just occurred to me is that we now have all three Cliffhanger boys working at Marvel, Ramos, Madureira, and Campbell.

Joe is doing well on his schedule so far, all fingers are crossed, but itÂ’s still a little early to make predictions as to scheduling and absolute ship dates. What I can tell you is that the work is just unbelievable! Mad has grown so far beyond the great artist he was already. And while the style of work is 180 degrees from w…

Ultimates 3 info from Wizard World LA

Sorry for my tardiness, but here's a little info that was said during an Ultimate Universe Panel at Wizard World LA.
Loeb said he has plans for both Ultimate War Machine and Ultimate Black Panther in Ultimates 3. He also said that Ultimate Defenders will be dealt with "right out of the gate."

Events in Ultimates 2 #12 will determine the line-up for Ultimates 3, Loeb said. "The real twist is from (writer) Mark Millar," Loeb said. "Where Mark ends is so far from where Mark began," he said.

Loeb said Ultimates 3 artist Joe Madureira is "on fire."

"There's a certain weight to what he is doing that you haven't seen before," Loeb said. "This is really the next phase for him."source:Comics Continuum

This is great news and hype for Joe's upcoming run, I can't wait to see some of his more finished art work other than the sketches we have in Wizard.

THQ acquires Vigil Games

Today it was announced that THQ has acquired Joe Madureira's game company Vigil Games! Here's an excerpt from
THQ Inc. today announced the acquisition of Vigil Games. Based in Austin, Texas, the team at Vigil will be led by David Adams, previously creator/director of several projects for NCSoft and famed comic artist Joe Madureira, best known for his work on Marvel Comic's Uncanny X-Men and his creator-owned comic series Battle Chasers. Vigil is currently working on new content for next-gen scheduled for release in 2008.

"The team at Vigil is comprised of some of the most talented designers, artists and technologists in the industry," said Jack Sorensen, executive vice president of worldwide studios, THQ. "This acquisition is part of our Studio System strategy, which is designed to foster a singular vision and unique culture at each of our studios. Our system allows us to leverage resources across our entire development organization to the benefit …

Ultimates 3 info from the New York Comic Con

Today at the New York Comic Con Marvel had it's Ultimate Universe Panel. Over at Newsarama they have an overview of what went on and I've grabbed the Ultimates 3 goodies for you to read.

" The aforementioned Ultimate crossover will play into Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira's Ultimates 3, specifically, Quesada said, in regards to the team members who make it onto the squad.

Asked how long Joe Madureira is signed on for the Ultimates 3, Quesada said that he has already started on the series, is on board for the run of the book, and while not much could be said, the Editor-in-Chief added that summer time will have announcements about how the series will work ("length and texture"), and will be the time for previewing artwork."

It looks like it won't be until the summertime before we get more detailed information and artwork from the project.

Wizard #173 hits store shelves today

Issue #173 of Wizard Magazine is out today and if your a Joe Mad fan this issue has been highly anticipated. It includes an "Up Close: Joe Madureira" article/interview about Joe being back in the comic biz and a bit of talk about the upcoming Ultimates 3.

I haven't picked up the issue yet but I will ASAP and if there are any images I'll scan them for the site. I'll also update you with any new information the article has.

Come back soon!

DC solicitations for April 2006

Well it turns out the rumor is true. Newsarama has posted the DC Comics April 2006 solicitations and lists that Joe Mad will be contributing to Batman/Superman #26! I don't know if this will be a single panel, page, or multiple pages but his work will be in this issue along with quite a few other artists.

I have scanned the latest images out of Wizard #172; which were the Scarlett Witch, and Iron man sketches, but I've lost the server that was hosting the images so it will be a little while before I can post them up.

The next issue of wizard should be hitting the stands in a couple weeks or so and it claims to have a nice feature on Joe. It's going to be an interview on what he's been up to since he left the comic world so it should be a very informative read! I'll definitely update you guys with the juicy bits when Wizard #173 hits the shelves.