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Ultimate Spiderman #88/Ultimate Vision #1 in stores

Sorry for late news, but last week Ultimate Spiderman #88 with the flip-cover by Joe Madureira for Ultimate Vision #1 is in stores. I will try to scan the cover plus the small ad for tomorrow. Other than that I got the new Wizard magazine that has an article about the Ultimate Series' with a couple questions answered by Jeph Loeb about Ultimates Vol. 3.

Now that Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira are taking over Ultimates in 2006, how much will the book differ from what we've seen from the current team of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch?

"Usually when a new team takes over a book, it's because something is broken," explains the newly Marvel exclusive Loeb. "Mark and Bryan are leaving at the top of their game on what is arguably-though not with me-Marvel's best book. There ain't nothing broken. However, like when they change James Bonds or any sequel that isn't with the same exact cast or director, there's going to be some changes. I'm not Mark, and Jo…

Ultimate Vision #1 Cover

Over at in the weekly Q + A with Joe Quesada he mentioned that the Ultimate Vision Joe Mad previously did will be the cover to issue #1. Issue one will be found in Ultimate Spider-Man #86 so definately pick that up if you want it for your Mad! collection. I'm not sure when it's coming to comic stores but I'll let you know.

Joe Madureira contributing to Batman/Superman #26

Batman/Superman #26 will be an issue that was written by Jeph Loebs son Sam Loeb who sadly passed away this past June. Here is an excerpt from Broken

"Everyone will be working off of Sam'’s plot. This is his story to tell. Helping out with the writing will be myself, Geoff Johns, Alan Heinberg, Brian K. Vaughan, Joss Whedon, Brad Meltzer, Joe Kelly and Mark Verheiden. The artwork -- so far -- will be handled by Mike Turner, Joe Mad, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Pat Lee, Ed McGuinness, Carlos Pacheco, and Ian Churchill."

All the artists and writers are donating their fees and royalties to Sam's High School and the pages will be auctioned off for even more chairity.

To read the full interview with Jeph check out

Ultimates Wallpaper

I just thought I'd post this up for fans to use if they want. It's a wallpaper using a couple of Joe's Ultimates sketches that I put together for my desktop.

1024 x 768


New Character Redesign by Joe Madureira!

Marvel Comic's has released some new information on whats coming up in the future. First there's Ultimate Vision, in which the character design was created by Joe Madureira.

Ultimate Vision will be a six part backup story found in these upcoming Ultimate Universes:



In the same article at Newsarama it said that Ultimates Ver. 3 won't hit shelves until October 2006...a whole yeah from now. This is kind of an upset but it gives Joe Mad and Jeph Loeb TONS of time to pull together this series; I'm hoping they use their time wisely.

There was another Q and A with Joe Quesada this week at Newsarama where he answered a couple Mad! related questions:

NRAMA: “Ultimate Vision” back-up story by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr [with a character design by Joe Madureira]?

JQ: “Ultimate Vision” will be a bac…

New Poster coming in December

Newsarama posted the Marvel solicitation for December 2005 a couple days ago and it shows that there will be a Joe Madureira Poster on sale for $5.99 on 12/14/05. What the contents of the poster will be is unknown but if they go the lazy way it might just be the House of M cover he did. I'm hoping it's something new with the Ultimates like maybe the cover to the first issue.

24" x 36"/FC ...$5.99
FOC 11/22/05 o On-Sale 12/14/05

Weekly Q&A with Joe Quesada

Over at Newsarama the weekly question and answer article with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada has some more info on Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira's upcoming 12 issue Ultimates Volume 3 run.

Here's some excerpts from the interview:

In recent discussions with Jeph, that very same subject came up, Jeph pitched me the idea of him and Mads, and I thought it was brilliant, but I was more than certain that Joe had no interest in coming back to comics. Jeph said that perhaps we could make it happen and here we are with the coup of the century. Somehow we were able to convince Joe to come back!

What I love about it is that Jeph and Joe are going to bring a completely different sensibility to the book while still respecting whatÂ’s come before.

Jeph Loeb & Joe Mad on Ultimates v3

It's official, Joe Madureira and Jeph Loebs top secret Marvel project will indeed be the third volume of the Ultimates. They will be taking over after Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch finish version two at the end of this year or early next year. It is presumed that Ultimates v3 will begin during the second quarter of 2006.

You can check out and newsarama for the full stories.

This is what's 'On Sale Now' column has to say about their coverage of the new project.

The DC writer heads to the House of Ideas to do Ultimates with Joe Madureira! PLUS: Exclusive first look at Joe Mad'’s new art!

I will hopefully pick up the issue tomorrow and scan the new art for all you fans to check out so don't miss out tomorrow!

Canadian Nation Comic Expo: Cup o' Joe Panel

Over at Comics Continuum I got this information on what could be Joe Madureira's secret Marvel Project.

TORONTO -- Marvel Comics staged a Cup O' Joe panel without the Joe Saturday at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo on Saturday.

Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada was a no-show for the panel, but consultant/talent liasion/former editor C.B. Cebulski took center stage, answering questions in a lively session.

He was asked about on separate occasions who the creators of the third volume of The Ultimates will be and what Joe Madureira's project with Marvel will be, Cebulski said "You'll see in four days" to both, referring to Marvel's upcoming announcement. He wouldn't connect the two, however.

This news, along with rumors and an email I got from a fan who got Wizard #168 early all seem to point to the Ultimates Vol. 3 as Joe Mad's Marvel project. But, again, we will have to wait for Wizard #168 for the final answer, check back in three days for the offici…

Q&A with Joe Quesada

Over at Newsarama they posted their weekly Question and Answer piece and there was one question about Joe Madureira's new Marvel Project.

Newsarama: From “"MrMxyzptlk": we know that Leinil Yu is coming to the Ultimate Universe. That is cool. But can you confirm or deny that Joe Madureira and Michael Turner will work on the Ultimates titles too?

Joe Quesada: I can do no such thing.

I know there was no solid answer but it shows that Joe working in the Ultimates Universe is a possiblity. We will have to wait until we get our hands on Wizard #168 next Wednesday (August 31st) to truely find out what Joe's Marvel project will be!

More House of M #1 variants coming to retailers

Over at they posted this info.

This past weekend at WizardWorld: Chicago, in announcing artist Joe Madureira'’s new exclusive contract, Marvel released an image featuring “Joe Mad's” version of Wolverine, the Hulk, and Spider-Man. Not just a promotional image, it was actually a cover to a new surprise “Convention Special of House of M #1, one free copy of which was sent to every Diamond account (i.e. retailer) with this week's new books, and undoubtedly now fetching a premium aftermarket price.

This week the publisher has announced this House of M #1 Convention Special will be made available for order on a limited basis (20 per Diamond account). This second wave of this special will be in stores on August 31st.

This is great news for people that missed out on the single issue retailers got last week and bad news for people paying $20 - $50 for their copies. Good thing I only got mine for $10!

Joe Quesada Q&A on

There are a few questions concerning Joe Mad's new work with Marvel over at newsarama. Here's the good stuff...

"The deal with Mike and Joe are a bit different, it’s a project and volume deal that will keep him Marvel fans thrill for some time as well."

"As for Joe, more details of his deal, project and length of time will be disclosed shortly in the next issue of Wizard I believe. From our discussions, Joe has agreed to do a significant amount of work, and I have to tell you, he’s excited as can be to be back and working on this project. It’s going to be fun to have Joe back in the biz!"

Sounds pretty sweet to me, I can't wait to get my hands on next weeks Wizard magazine for more information on Joe's future project.

Oh yeah, I got my hands on Joe's House of M cover so I will scan it soon. I can't scan it right away because I'm leaving for Montreal until Tuesday so expect it up around then!

That's all for now, have a great day.

The rumor was true!

The House of M #1 variant cover by Joe Mad! did indeed come out today and retailers only got a single copy of it! There are dozens of them on eBay as your reading this that are going for $30+ dollars. If you haven't already you should check your local comic shop for this cover if it isn't already gone. Over at Nathen bought two copies (one from two comic stores) and said he paid between $20 and $30 for each of them so this cover comes at kind of a hefty price.

I'm checking my local shop tomorrow so hopefully I will get my hands on it so I can scan the cover for the site. Check back tomorrow for the update.

House of M inks

Over at Nathen got an email with the inks to Mad!'s new House of M variant cover. Apparently it came from Comic Art which seems to be a great site to find inks from tons of artists! Check it out.

Update on House of M cover

The House of M cover by Joe Mad in the last post will apparently be available next week (8/10) for all comic retailers. The cover is a limited edition version of the first issue of House of M and stores will only receive one copy of it! So definately tell your local retailer to hold you a copy. It seems retailers also have no idea about this cover coming in so you might need to explain it to them.


He's BACK!!!!!

I owe a big thanks to Corey for emailing me this news.

There was a HUGE announcement at Wizard World Chicago today....Joe Madureira is coming back to comics to do a project for Jeph Loeb and Marvel! During the Joe Quesada 'Cup o' Joe' panel it was announced that Jeph Loeb (a popular writer) just signed a contract with Marvel that begins on September 1st. Jeph is known for his work for DC on Batman: Hush with artist Jim Lee, the Batman/Superman comics and his ongoing series for Supergirl.

Joe was asked if he was exclusive to Marvel or just on board for this unnamed project. "It's just this one thing," he replied, "but there's a lot more to talk about." During the announcement they showed Joe's newest comic cover for House of M featuring Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk. They gave away posters of the cover at the event also.

Jeph Loeb hinted that his and Joes new project probably will have something to do with one of the three characters. This be…

Site Update

Well it's been a week and I'm having second thoughts on the 300 MB/10 GB hosting. I don't think it could handle the site since this online blog gets 150-200 hits a day so add more hits to that and lots of image downloads the 10 GB of bandwidth probably won't last for a month and the site would be down all the time. The next step up is 500 MB/70 GB for $91 a year and that's a tad expensive for my liking right now (even though that is extremely cheap for hosting) since I need to be saving for school. So I need to figure out what I'm going to do yet again. Sorry for all the delays, I'll try and work this out as fast as possible.

Joe Madureira Online!

I have some great news for all you Joe Madureira fans out there! I think I've found a host for the site. The host isn't charging very much a month so I think I'm going to start paying for a 300 MB data/10 GB bandwidth Hosting service for the Joe Madureira Site. If the bandwidth exceeds the 10 GB a month then I'll have to pay about twice as much so hopefully hosting tons and tons of Mad! art won't kill the site every month.

I have the layout all done and am working on the content part of the site right now, I think I'll release the site as soon as possible and just take my time with the content.
Oh yeah, I think I'm going to call the site Joe Madureira Online instead of the Joe Madureira Fansite. What do you guys think?

Expect it to be up in the next week or so! I'm really excited to get this going and I hope you are too.

Darkstalkers Update

Over at the forums Erik Ko from Udon made an annoucement about what is happening with Udon in the near future.

About a Darkstalkers #7
"we are working on it now. Cant make any promises yet, as we are still working out different artists schedules. But plans are to "Season 2" starting early 2006."

About Street Fighter II and Udon Publishing
This will be in the October Previews Catalog that ships last Wed of July...For the Alpha fans, do not worry. We named it SFII becoz of a few reasons -

We took a longer than expected break due to a lot of factors. Mainly is that UDON will be going solo publishing ourselves. Devils Due is a great publisher, but we feel that it is about time that we move forward to be a REAL publisher. Between you and me here, by going solo, we can have access to a lot of info (like checking stock, ship dates, etc) directly and hopefully my schedule permits I can give you guys updates faster.

But with the kinda extended break, we feel that it…

Teaser image for the Joe Mad Site

Here is a teaser square of the layout I've made for the re-opening of the Joe Madureira Fansite. It's just the top left side of the site showing some items that will be featured on the site. Right now the server space I was going to get has changed and I'll need to look elsewhere so there is kind of a delay on the site launch. Also I need to figure out if I want to get a domain name or not for the site since it costs money annually. is owned by Joe himself so I also need to come up with a domain name. If you have any ideas you would like to see in the new site or a suggestion about a domain name feel free to comment!

Joe's new game project update

Over at Nathen has announced that the new game Joe is currently working on is NOTStarcraft: Ghost. So this leads me to believe that the image Mad! did for blizzard was just a commission piece. Nathen is hoping to hear back from Joe Madureira himself very soon with possibly more information on what he's working on.

In site news... Today I have been thinking about bringing back the full version of my Joe Madureira! Fansite and have been looking into hosting and getting a domain name. I've got quite a bit of free time this summer so I can fill the site up with a lot of Joe Mad! goodies like images, interviews, checklists, and other related things. I'd love to hear from the fans about what other things you'd like to see on the site and if you think I should go forward with bringing my full site back. Feel free to leave comments below!

Joe Mad! and StarCraft: Ghost

Finally some Joe Mad news has arrived!

Over at the official Starcraft: Ghost website the current layout is using a picture by Joe Madureira! You can download the various sized wallpapers of it in their wallpaper section. Could Mad! be working for Blizzard Entertainment now instead of NCsoft?

Over at, Nathen was told that Joe Mad was indeed at this years E3 Expo and is planning on sending him some images from the new game he is working on.

There are many possibilities for what the new game he's working on is... maybe Joe was working for Swingin' Ape Studios that was recently bought by Blizzard (Plus they are the team working on Starcraft: Ghost)... or is he still with NCsoft? My personal bet is he is with Blizzard since his artwork is on the site and NCsoft hasn't announced any new games at E3 this week, but who knows maybe they just asked him for a commission.

In the end only time will tell and you'll hear about it here when I find out.

For higher-resolution…

Dungeon and Dragons Pencils

Nathen over at got the pencils to the Dungeon and Dragon Character drawn by Joe Mad! Check them out!

Also, in an e-mail Nathen got, Joe mentioned that he will be unveiling some new work in a couple weeks that he can't wait to show. Could this be concept art for a new game? Or possibly comic related? I'll let you know as soon as I find out!

New Joe Mad Art?

Again, over at, Nathen got a larger version of the image from Howard Lyon. Howard actually painted the image and you can see the large sized image here. Plus check out Howard Lyon's website for all his great art. Nathen also e-mailed Joe to see if he could get the pencils for the image. Hopefully that will happen!

Over at Nathen got confirmation from Howard Lyon that he did indeed color Joe's pencils for that image. If you take a look at the Races of Eberron Art Gallery you can see Joe Madureira wasn't credited for the image, but as you have just read the confusion is now settled. For more information on the book check out

Original News
I recieved an email today from a fellow Joe Madureira fan and in it he showed me a piece of art from the book Dungeons and Dragons: Races of Eberron and as you can see below it has Joe's signature on it. From my point of view the art doesn't look like MAD!'s usual art but it cou…

Darkstalkers #4 Scans

As promised, here are the scans of the front and back cover for Joe Madureira's Darkstalkers #4 Powerfoil.

Darkstalkers #4 Cover Preview

Joe Madureira's Darkstalkers #4 powerfoil should be in comic stores today! I'll have to pick my copy up in the next few days but I've found an image of the final version after a bit of hunting on the net.

It looks incredible and in my opinion it could be one of the best covers for a powerfoil we've seen yet! Definately check back to the site for my front cover and back scans when I pick up the issue.

Darkstalkers #4 Powerfoil pushed forward

Hope everyone didn't go running to the comic store today. Joe's Darkstalkers #4 powerfoil has been pushed forward a week and is being released on April 6th instead of today. Hopefully it won't be delayed again, but you never know...


Darkstalkers #4 powerfoil gets a date!

Over at Diamond they have the shipping list for March 30th which includes Joe Madureira's Darkstalkers Powerfoil for Issue #4:
Definately pick this up since I heard the powerfoils are limited to 5000 copies.

Here are the pencils for the cover since the coloured version hasn't been shown yet.

Quiet Times

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there really isn't anything to update with! I haven't seen anything new dealing Joe Mad on the internet for the last few weeks. The only thing coming up right now is his Darkstalkers #4 powerfoil which hopefully will be out in a few weeks since the regular editions of Darkstalkers #4 came out yesterday. When his Powerfoil comes out I'll be sure to post it here for your viewing pleasure.

In unrelated news, if you like the comic shorts by Corey Lewis found in the back of Street Fighter and Darkstalker issues you should definitely check out his Graphic Novel Sharknife that is due to hit comic stores at the end of this month! I'll definately be checking it out. That's all for now!

Darkstalkers #3 and Street Fighter #13 scans

Sorry for being late with this but I finally picked up my copies of Street Fighter #13 and the Darkstalkers #3 powerfoil the other day. Here are a few scans I made of the front and back of each issue. Enjoy!

Reprint of The Age of Apocalypse

Marvel comics is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse storyline and is releasing 4 trade paper back collections throughout 2005. This will include some of Joe's work and I think the cover to the first volume is the image below.

Here's what has solicited for the first Trade Paper Back:

It begins here! The critically acclaimed, fan-favorite storyline that rocked the X-Men Universe to its core is collected across four volumes! In a cracked-mirror world ruled by the genocidal mutant despot Apocalypse, only one hope remains: Magneto and his Astonishing X-Men! Collects X-MEN CHRONICLES #1 and #2, TALES FROM THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE: BY THE LIGHT, X-MAN #-1, X-MAN &#…

Street Fighter #13 Cover

Over at they have a preview of Street Fighter #13 and a really nice final version of Joe's Cover for the issue! It also mentions that the issue is due out in stores next week on February 16th! Lot's of Mad! covers in the last little while eh? Hopefully we'll get some news on what he's doing next real soon.

Darkstalkers #3 Powerfoil In Stores

Apparently Madureira's Darkstalkers #3 powerfoil with Felica on it is in stores now. I haven't seen it on the Diamond Distributors website but Nathen over at got his copy yesterday so check out your local comic store and see if they have it.

In other news, Nathen is going to make a flash site of all six of Joe's Darkstalker covers sometime soon! I'm not sure if he has a sneak peek of his final three covers already but it sounds really cool so check it out when he's done. Right now Joe has created the Powerfoils for Darkstalkers #1, and #3. He didn't do the powerfoil for #2. Anyway, that's all for now.

Darkstalkers #1 Powerfoil Scans

I got my Darkstalkers #1 powerfoil today from my local comic shop, and I must say, Udon did a really nice job on this cover. I've scanned both the front cover and the back cover, so check them out

Up next in the world of Joe Madureira will be his Street Fighter #13 cover due in stores sometime in February.

Darkstalkers #1 Powerfoil ships this week

According to this weeks shipping list over at Diamond the Darkstalkers #1 Powerfoil cover by Joe Madureira is finally shipping!

Shipping Next Week: January 19, 2005

The following products are expected to ship to comic book
specialty stores next week. Note that this list is tentative
and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.


So definately check it out if you have $10+ to spend on it. Here's the cover in case you haven't seen it yet.

Darkstalkers #1

Darkstalkers #1 powerfoil is delayed

Over at Shoryuken Forums I found some info that explains the lateness of Joe's Darkstalkers Powerfoil cover.

Originally Posted by Yusuf
The Joe Mad power foil cover still hasn't arrived in shops here :'(
is there something going on??

Post by Udoneko
The printer messed it up in production and they have to be printed again. Should be in stores in the next 2 weeks.

For everyone that was worried that they missed out on Joe's Powerfoil cover for Darkstalkers #1 you can rest easy now that it has been all cleared up and like Udoneko said, expect it to be in stores in two weeks.

The Year is 2005

Happy New Year!

There is nothing new on Joe Madureira right now but expect his Street Fighter #13 cover to hit stores later this month. I still haven't gotten his Darkstalkers #1 powerfoil cover... I dont even know if it's in stores yet! It should be since DS #1 came out like a month and a half ago.

Hopefully 2005 will be full of new Joe Madureira comic work and his new project at NCsoft will be hopefully be revealed. Until then, keep checking back for updates!