Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Just a little update on what's up. As you know (if you read the post under this one) my host for the Joe Madureira! fansite is going down. I heard from him the other day and he said he's gonna keep his server up but he can't host my site. You need to realize this guys server is just running from his home and he is using his ISP for it. So all the bandwidth my site was eatting up made him shut the server down (glad to see the sites so popular though!). Anyway, he said he could only host me again if i host all the bandwidth eatters (pictures, etc) on another server. This is an okay idea but would be a huge hassle for me since I would need to redo alot of the html and other things.

We're still looking around for other hosts, and people like Valen have said they will try to help me out too. So this is going fairly well so far, hopefully something will come up soon.

Nathen of posted an E3 video his friend took of Joe Mad! drawing Nathen a sketch, definately check it out! Joe talks about Battle Chasers and other things during the video also.

That's all for now, again, Thanks for the support!

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Ryan Stegman said...

Please...Help me find this video. I can't find it anywhere. And it's slowly killing me.